Karoline Pietrowski | Commissions Februar 2022
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Hello guys,
I am happy to announce that I will take commissions from 1st February 2022 until Valentine’s Day! I have created this little guide which includes general information, prices, how to order a commission, payment options and so on. Please read all the information first. If you have any questions, send me an email at commissions@karolinepietrowski.de

General Information

I am only offering digital commissions this time. 
All prices refer to a single character! Each additional character costs 50% extra.
This applies to humans, animals, mythical creatures, etc.

Because I always get a lot of requests, I reserve the right to decline a request if the motive does not suit me. Note that I do not draw any commissions that are violent or pornographic in any way. I will just ignore this requests.



The prices refer to private commissions exclusively. A commercial use of the commission is not allowed. All commission are without background.

Commission prices are not negotiable!
    • Headshot
    • 80#1
      • Lineart (b&w)
      • DIN A4
      • JPG-file
      • 300 dpi

    • I want this!
    • Full Body
    • 100#2
      • Lineart (b&w)
      • DIN A4
      • JPG-file
      • 300 dpi

    • I want this!

    Additional character: + 50% of the commission price

    Elaborate details: 5,00€ – 30,00€

    How do I order a commission?

    If you want to order a commission, just click on the „I want this!“ Button under your product. You will be redirected to a contact form. Please fill out all the informations in as much detail as possible. Additional bigger reference images via Dropbox are appreciated.

    I usually reply in a day or two. If everything is clear, half of the commission price has to be paid upfront. The rest is to be paid upon finishing the commission and before delivering. I will start with the commission when the money deposited in my PayPal account.

     One free correction phase is included. Afterwards an extra charge must be paid for more correction phases.

    Once the commission is completed, the rest of commission price has to be paid. Is the money deposited in my account, I will send you the commission via email.


    Germany & Europe: PayPal

    Worldwide: PayPal

    Further use of the commission

    I reserve the right to use the ordered commission in accordance with the German Copyright Act. This is why I can offer illustrations for private use for a low price.

    If you don’t wish that I use the commission otherwise, you will have to pay an additional fee to get the entire rights of using the commission. Please contact me, if you want to own the exclusive rights of your commission and let me know about it in your ordering mail.

    Can’t wait for your commission request!